Build a Pool


Southwest Pools & Spas utilizes Pool Studio to create the pool you've always wanted.


Outline shape, excavation & elevation directions


Dig, form & hand shape, to precision specifications. A back hoe & dump truck work in tandem to prepare the site. In tight access locations, a bobcat excavates & loads a dump truck

Plumbing and Steel

Create the plumbing system with NSF approved schedule 40 PVC pipe and fittings, to specifically control the water pressure & circulation. When plumbing is complete, steel crews create a reinforced grid of settlers - strategically formatted to protect pool surface from oxidation staining


Integrate the steel frame into the structural foundation using shotcrete's scientific combination of sand, rock & cement


Craftsmen create a focal point along the waterline as well as decorative accents throughout your pool before the interior finish is applied


Complimenting the strength of the pool design, Master Pool decks are built with continuous steel reinforced footing, locked into the pool's structure through the bond beam. The deck is finished with our exclusive Rainbow Rock Deck

Interior Surface

Craftsmen take special pride in creating the ultimate interior surfaces. The result is an interior surface which elegantly follows the shape of your pool with a uniformity of texture & finish that tells you it's a Master Pool. Choose from plaster, Grecian Marble & colored plaster

Start Up

A start-up professional performs a complete initiation of your pool, conducting the last of a myriad of inspections to ensure your pool exceeds the strict Master Pools Guild standards. Then, our start-up professional walks you through your personal oasis, conducting an orientation about equipment & operation.

1st Phase = Processing

  • 1 to 3 weeks, depending on season
  • Reviewing Plans
  • Obtaining building permits
  • Finalizing financing agreements
  • Laying out the design

2nd Phase = Construction

Usually 4-6 weeks from completion of excavation. Delays outside of our control involve weather, material shortages or customer changes.


Reasons for remodeling...

  • Low Maintenance
  • Design & Style
  • We offer a variety of beautiful, unique design options to suit your style.
  • Function
  • Depth changes
  • Attach a spa
  • Change shape of your pool

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